logo of Mychem Mychem: A chemical extension for MySQL


Mychem is a chemoinformatics extension for MySQL released under the GNU GPL license. This extension provides a set of functions that permits to handle chemical data within the MySQL database. These functions permit you to search, analyze and convert chemical data.

A complete documentation for Mychem is available online and will provide you a good overview of its capabitilies.


The Project

The Mychem project aims to provide a complete set of functions for handling chemical data within MySQL.[1] The SQL API of this project aims to be so closed as possible to other projects, like Pgchem::tigress and Orchem. The SQL API is maintained by the ChemiSQL project.[2]

Most of the functions depends upon Open Babel. [3] Open Babel is a performant toolbox for chemical file handling. It provides also many functions for chemical properties calculation (logP, PSA, ...).

You can find recent update of Mychem on the project's pages (hosted on GitHub).


The software is distributed as source code that need to be compiled. Installation instructions are provided in the package, and also online. The compilation of the software is based on CMake.[4]

The last version of Mychem can be downloaded on GitHub:

You can download previous versions on the following page:


The Mychem application is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later option.


  1. MySQL - A popular Open Source database.
  2. ChemiSQL - A project that federate several Open Source chemical cartridge projects.
  3. Open Babel - The Open Source Chemistry Toolbox.
  4. CMake - A powerful tool for building an application.