Appendix A. Installation

Table of Contents

A.1. How to Obtain Mychem
A.1.1. Source Package
A.1.2. GIT Repository
A.2. Requirements
A.3. Compilation and Installation
A.3.1. Compiling and Installing Mychem on GNU/Linux
A.3.2. Installing Mychem on Mac OS X
A.3.3. Installing Mychem on Microsoft Windows
A.4. Mychem API

In this chapter, we will discuss the steps necessary to compile and install Mychem.

A.1. How to Obtain Mychem

At this time, Mychem is only available as a source package that you need to compile. You can also get the last snapshot directly from the GIT repository (take care, this version can be unstable). It is planned to release binaries will the version 1.0 of Mychem.

A.1.1. Source Package

The last source package can be found on the Project Homepage hosted by SourceForge.

A.1.2. GIT Repository

The last development version of Mychem can be obtained by cloning the GIT repository. In case you are using a command line interface, follow this step:

# git clone